Little Amelia [EP]

by Time Crash

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released August 20, 2012

Time Crash is Ronen Mark, Dave Kitsberg, Chris Rice, Andrew Rice, and Michael Fye. Recorded by John Towner with Maxim Entertainment Group. Art by Gaby Kenyon.


all rights reserved



Time Crash Chicago, Illinois

America's first trock band brings together an assortment of rock genres, from power ballad to punk, in celebration of their favorite Time Lord.

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Track Name: Little Amelia
In an empty house, in a quiet town
little Amelia lays her head down
The night is still and she is sleeping sound
but there is something wrong
Mom and dad are lost and auntie's gone away
Just five minutes, that's what they always say
A lonely girl cannot do anything but pray
She won't be next

Run away
Run away
Run away while you're still here
Run away
Run away
Run away before you disappear

Late at night there's voices whisp'ring through her wall
The things they say, they don't make any sense at all
While the life she should have known continues to fall
like sand from an hourglass
So summer turns to winter, green grass into frost
The years will spin on by and much more will be lost
Little Amelia, she doesn't know the cost
of standing still

Run away
Run away
Run away before you disappear
Better pray
You'd better pray
That tomorrow you will still be here

Little Amelia, she doesn't run
and she will not cry
she's unafraid
Little Amelia, you are so lucky
that you were born so brave

'Cause one day the sky's gonna fall on this town
The clock is ticking, we are counting down
to the eleventh hour
She has waited long enough
and when here madman comes to call
she's gonna run so far...
she's gonna run so far away

Run away
Run away
Miss Amy Pond is gonna disappear
Run away
So far away
Goodbye, Leadworth!
She is so out of here
Track Name: The Last Human
I'm one high-maintenance lady
a work of natural art
I kept my lips for speaking, left no room for a heart
I'm the very last human
Now in I roll through the doorway
a mobile vision of grace
a truly mesmerizing trampoline with a face
won't find one more like me
in all of time and space

Seven hundred trips under the knife
such is the cost of eternal life

Oh look as long as you'd like
No I don't mind if you star
I'm a museum piece, delicate, precious, and rare
I'm the very last human
So stretch me thin as a canvas
and set me up with a frame
Got rid of all that sweat and left no room for a brain
how many more times
do I have to explain

That I am genetic perfection
the last word against natural selection
And it's true there are some who despise me
Someday they'll all moisturize me

You say there's still humans out there
The species still has appeal
but they're the superficial and I am the real
I'm the very last human
And I can tell what you're thinking
But I don't care what you say
'Cause all that really matters is the pure D.N.A.
Step back, take a gander
give that bottle a spray

The earth may be done with its turn
We're watching the continents burn
But you won't hear me say farewell
not if I've got one last living cell

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